With the coming and going of another new year, come the throngs of enthusiastic ‘resolution-ers’ hell bent on changing something in their lives. By the second week of February however, some 80 percent of those ‘resolution-ers’ are back home in the same old routine because another new year resolution has failed. Why is it that good intentions are not enough to guarantee change?

To answer this question, it’s important to recognise that your resolutions are doomed to fail if, other than resolve to change, you’ve done nothing to enhance your capacity to handle the inevitable stress and discomfort that is inherently involved in change. Truth is that change entails some degree of emotional friction, which in turn generates an uncomfortable feeling we call stress. People share the fundamental problem of self-sabotage that when stressed, they associate the feeling with a negative aspect and thus try to avoid it. But not all stress is bad. The feeling you experience when you break away from the usual routine and face the exciting unknown, can be termed stress, but that sort of stress can be a motivating force to apply yourself with more rigour and enthusiasm to ensure the end goal is met. Unless you first train your mind to recognise the difference between good stress and bad stress, don’t expect your new year’s resolution to materialise anytime soon.

As the saying goes, it’s not the horse that draws the cart, it’s the oats in his belly. Well in the case of The Wild Medic Project, it’s not the plane that will get you to Nepal– it’s your mind.

If any of you are worried that you may have missed your opportunity to fulfil your new year’s resolution by volunteering as a wild medic in Nepal this year – don’t be concerned as there is hope in sight! It’s officially the year 2072 by the Nepali calendar proving that time is a relative thing but living your life to your full potential is not.

Build self-trust, harness challenges, learn patience and cultivate optimism. You have ample time to fulfil your dreams but time can be lost equally as fast. So act now!







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Please see our Get Involved tab to change your mind set and get involved! For available dates and more information please see our Nepal page. The life you change will be yours as much as the people’s lives that you assist in the remote Nepal communities!



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