An important message has recently been delivered on social media by an Australian freelance photographer currently based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Friend of the Wild Medic Project team, Alban Vinevel graduated from Griffith University, Queensland College of Art with a Bachelor of Photography, majoring in Photojournalism and specialising in Documentary. His message resonates with our core values as he exposes the realities of child labour. Please share the video to assist Terre des homes (TDH) and the great work they do and please check out Alban’s website for other great projects.

Below you will find his short clip and a message below to accompany his work.



My approach is eclectic, I draw inspiration from across all mediums of art, including social theory…constantly looking for ways of how to light a cigarette on a windy pier…

Here’s a short clip I produced for Terre des homes (TDH), an INGO I collaborated with to explore Child labour in Brick Kilns across Kathmandu Valley, (2017 project).

The focus was on photo-documenting child labour but, they also required a short video for their annual global report on child labour (Nepal)

My aim is to explore it further.

The following text excerpt is borrowed from the following link, an Italian website where global issues including child labour have been featured, including some of my images. [pity it’s not in English]…/ambiente-malato-piu-l…/

Also check out this link for a comprehensive report on Child Labour in Nepal:…/…/06/CL-Report-2017-engl.pdf

Child safety is imperative, and the following text share some context of where my work is situated. I have borrowed and cited a write up of the TDH project from an Italian website.


“Nepal’s example illustrates how slower changes such as those occurring in the frequency and amount of rainfall threaten those who are completely dependent on agricultural labour, forcing children to look for alternative income sources to help their families.

Extreme events, such as the 2015 earthquake, have a dramatic impact on the survival possibilities of the poorest population.

Seasonal migration is an adaptation strategy for many families as it reduces their dependence on agriculture.

Brick ovens give seasonal work to families and child labour is often needed to pay the loans contracted to start this business” [text by Terre des hommes].

If you have a passion for protecting and advocating for the rights of children across our globe, please also check out:

Image Credit – Alban Vinevel

Through the Lens – An insight into child labour in 2017