It has been another roller coaster ride for the team behind The Wild Medic Project over the last 12 months. In our second full year of operation sending medical teams and support to where it is most needed. Our volunteers are the heart and soul of our small team and to each one of you we are ever grateful.

As a team we have laughed, cried, eaten strange things, been too cold, been too hot, car sick, assisted the sick, missed home, slept and repeated, all in the name of helping people we have never met in the hope we can make one small part of the world that little bit safer! The work that the project achieves would not be possible without financial supporters, fundraisers, the amazing volunteers behind the scenes driving the project forwards and certainly not possible without the amazing volunteer medics giving their time and money to work in and support the remote communities.

Please find  our end of financial year report for The Wild Medic Project – “Year in Review 2016-2017” for your perusal. This report gives an insight into the projects work and the characters involved and where we aim to take this project into the future. Again, a big thank you to all our supporters and volunteers who have made this project a reality.

Remember anyone who is interested in getting involved we would love to hear from you and remember, you don’t have to be a medic! Please click our volunteer tab to get involved!

Year in Review 2016-2017