“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” – Buddha. The Nepalese people helped me to achieve ‘pure joy’

Before I embarked on my first overseas trip, I was struggling in every aspect of my life, physically, socially, financially, mentally, I was a huge stress pot! Little did I know – this trip was going to change my life and turn it around for the better! This trip has allowed me to find who I am, and be happy with what I can provide other people. For a first-time traveller, travelling with the Wild Medic Group was the best decision I made! They had ensured that everything was set up and organized before we went, and we were lucky to have a beautiful group of paramedics and paramedic students with us. The Wild Medic Project also checked in with our team leader everyday making sure we were ok and updating us on any news/dangers around the areas we were hiking.

Once over in Nepal we were incredibly blessed to have beautiful tour guides and cooks that the Wild Medic Project are linked with. We got to know our group so very well and got very close to each other in the short 2 weeks we were together. We hiked for many hours most days which was challenging, but so worth it. We hiked to provide a health camp to rural villages in Nepal. The long steep trek ultimately illustrated to me that it was all about the journey and highlighted how appreciative the communities were for having us there. Providing medical checks, medications, sanitary pads, school supplies, and basic first aid to this community was a beautiful experience that I am so proud that I was a part of.

This trip was very eye opening and allowed insight into how some others live and how lucky we are in Australia. The Nepalese people are rich in compassion, love and kindness which was demonstrated through the many invites into homes with a lot of butter tea to share.
The Nepalese community shared some of their own wisdom with me as well, which is what has changed my life around. This trip allowed me time to think about who I am as a person and realise how rewarding it is to give back to other people. This trip allowed me to change my thinking and allow myself to enjoy the present time rather than the past or the future. This resulted as Bhudda has stated “in pure joy”. I have come back to Australia and still am adamant that volunteering in Nepal was the BEST thing I have ever done and I have already made plans to return with The Wild Medic Project. This company is definitely all about giving as much as we can to the communities in need, run by 2 beautiful paramedics with huge hearts. I could not recommend travelling to Nepal enough, but also highly praise the Wild Medic Project.


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Helambu 2017

A Wild Medic Perspective from Jenni