Are the clinics authorised under local accreditation?

Yes our clinics are run in partnership with locally based NGOs with relevant clinical permissions to operate. Often you will work under the guidance of locally registered doctors and health workers. Our team cannot work without local accreditation.


What qualifications do I need to get on an expedition or placement?

We do require you to have a recognised medical qualification to add value to our targeted communities. These include qualified paramedics, nurses and other medical professions such as physiotherapists, midwives and allied health professionals. We do accept students for our projects however places for these are limited to three per expedition and you will be supervised at all times (please note you will NOT be authorised to work outside your skill set or scope of practice).


Do I need to book my own flights and travel insurance?

Yes. Wild Medic Project packages do not include flights or travel insurance and we have a suitability checklist to ensure that your insurance is at a high standard.


How many volunteers are on each trip?

Volunteering in a placement (Vanuatu) can be as an individual or as a group. For project expeditions (Nepal, Timor) we have a mandatory minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 volunteers on each trip.


Can I pay off the trip in instalments?

Yes, however this incurs an additional fee due to extra administration requirements. Please contact for more information on this option.


Is my initial deposit refundable?

Due to the logistical issues involved with cancelling a volunteer prior to them departing, the initial deposit made to secure a placement or project position is non-refundable. We can however hold this as credit for any available placement or expedition within the following 12 months.


Can The Wild Medic Project assist me with booking flights?

Yes. We have a dedicated Wild Medic Project travel consultant who books most of the Australian based flights for volunteers. This eliminates multiple flights arriving at different times in country and ensures that volunteers are getting good value for money. International volunteers need to source their own flights.