This is a media library – The following articles that are found here are whenever WMP has gained some attention from the media. Please enjoy.

1st February 2017 – A great artcile appeared in Duo Magazine in February about the begining of The Wild Medic Journey and the impact our teams have made so far. The online article can be found here.

5th January 2017 – Another one of our Wild Medics graced the pages of a local newspaper. Wild Medic Jessie featured in the News Mail and the online article can be found here.


30 December 2016 – One of our Wild Medics, Mat was featured with a massive two page spread in The Morning Bulletin. The online article can be found here.



20 November 2016 – Our friends at World Extreme Medicine shared a wild medics experience in their newsletter. The online version can be found here.



2 November 2016 – Bundaberg News Mail covered a follow up of Steve and Mick’s journey with The Wild Medic Project. The online article can be found here



13 August 2016 – Canberra Times covered Wild Medic Bronwyn Nuske through teaching and paramedic-ing in Nepal! The online article can be found here.



March 2016 Queensland Fishing Monthly covered a Wild Medic Fundraiser recently. The article is below.

grand slam


9th December 2015 Central Queensland News recently covered a short bio on future Wild Medic Colin Salter. He will be one of the first for WMP to place within Vanuatu. You can see the online article here.

Wild Colin


30 November 2015 Sunshine Coast Daily covered the efforts Team One have been doing in Nepal recently – We missed the paper version but here is a link to the article.



21 September 2015 Newsmail Bundaberg featured an article on WMP. You can find the Bundaberg article here



19 September 2015 – The Coastal Rag covered our Rotary evening. You can find the Discovery coast article here



12 September 2015 The Morning Bulletin covered a story on us generally. You can find the Yeppoon article here



In early August 2015 one of our committee members attended an international humanitarian symposium in Hong Kong. You can find a link to the article here



In August and September 2015 Expedition Medicine featured us twice in their newsletters. This gave us a much wider audience.You can find the first feature in the  Expedition Medicine Newsletter here and the second feature here



Saturday 1 August 2015 was the first time The Wild Medic Project gained some media attention. You can find the Discovery Coast article here

Coastal Rag Coastal Rg 2