Steve Whitfield

Operations Manager

Steve is the founder of the WMP. He is an Advanced Care Paramedic from Qld Australia who has a passion for adventure and helping others. An avid adventurer, climber, surfer and diver who works as a contract Expedition Leader specialising in marine, desert and high altitude (<6000m) expeditions. He is currently a fellow candidate for the Wilderness Medical Society and a Wilderness Medical Consultant / Instructor. He has two young children that he cannot wait to share the world with.

Michael Stuth

Project Development Manager

Michael is a co founder of WMP and an advanced care paramedic with a military background. Mick’s extensive travels and compassionate drive has unlocked a desire to extend ongoing healthcare to regions most in need. Mick is involved in developing the core fundamental structures of WMP as well as sourcing and implementing new projects. As a proud father of two, he loves exploring nature and the outdoors with his young family.

Mark Ward

Clinical Manager

Mark ward is an advanced care paramedic and a former flight paramedic with over ten years on road expertise in prehospital care. He has extensive experience in working in remote and rural environments and has completed a masters in intensive care. Marks work as an industry consultant ensures WMP is aligning it's rural medical camps and training curriculum with contemporary research governing best practice within these environments. Mark is an avid fisherman and off road explorer and he will be leading a team to Nepal in early 2017.

    Chloe James

    Logistics Coordinator / Industry Consultant

    Chloe is an  advanced care paramedic and a former relief officer in charge of numerous stations in Queensland with over ten years on road experience in ambulance and prehospital care. She has extensive travel experience having visited over 40 countries with many more planned! Chloe deployed to Nepal in February 2016 with team 2 and was intrinsically  involved in facilitation of the health clinic. Chloe has joined the WMP team on a more permanent basis to assist in the coordination of all the logistically issues we face! She is responsible for the planning and implementations of all equipment uniforms and donations and to be honest we would be lost without her!

      Bronwyn Nuske

      Project Development Officer

      Bronwyn deployed to Nepal with team Jestha in June 2016. She has been with the QAS since 2011 as a ACP and more recently returned to working in primary school education in Canberra. Bronwyn has some useful qualifications and some not so useful qualifications. She spent her youth on a banana farm in Coffs Harbour where she developed a love and respect for the outdoors, nature and animals.  Bronwyn is keen to keep working with the WMP as a Project Officer after seeing some very basic needs that could be addressed quite simply with some management from abroad. She co- founded "Shirt of My Back', a system that allows the projects to be costed, allocated and managed through the WMP network. Bronwyn's colleagues generously donated funds to her which went into building a community hall in Chitre Village.  Bronwyn loves an adventure and lives with a spirit of charity.

        Shelly Whitfield

        Volunteer Coordinator

        Shelly is the superhero behind the scenes of WMP. She has worked as an outdoor adventure specialist in Europe and taught English in Mexico and Japan. She is indispensable in the operational and administrative side of the project. With a degree in Social Science and soon to be Occupational Therapy as well, she combines her passion for adventure and caring to facilitate the workings of WMP. Having met Steve whilst travelling she now calls Australia home and is a mother of two beautiful children

          Amy Stuth

          Travel Specialist

          Amy is The Wild Medic Project's exclusive travel guru. With a career as a travel consultant at Flight Centre LTD spanning 10 years and having explored over 50 countries, her superior knowledge and expertise in the travel industry makes Amy a vital member of the project. A primary school teacher, a mother of two with a passion in health and wellness, Amy brings a practical and unique dynamic to the team.

            Rahel Clarke

            Corporate Lawyer

            Rahel was there when the WMP project was born. She has a Bachelor in Commerce and a Bachelor of Laws with Honours, Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice and a Masters of Laws. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe and East Africa and has been instrumental in providing legal counsel to WMP.

              Brady Kendall

              IT Consultant

              Brady is a valuable part of the wild medic team handling all things IT related. He is a young, dynamic IT expert who offered his skills freely to assist the Wild Medic Project team. He is the owner and director of a small IT business and web hosting service and also volunteers with the State Emergency Service. In his spare time Brady loves off road driving and international travel.

              Jarrod Booth

              Clinical Consultant

              Jarrod is a co founder of WMP and an Advanced Care Paramedic based in Queensland. He has a keen interest in remote medicine, all kinds of sport, hiking, camping and is an avid aviator. He has been involved in rural sports development and junior teams mentoring, held air experience instructor and aerobatic ratings in gliders and traveled domestically following these interests. He has applied his enthusiasm for mentoring through tutoring paramedic students within the university system. He has a young family who he loves spending time with. Jarrod is instrumental in sourcing volunteers for WMP.

              Robbie King

              Robbie is the latest addition to the WMP team following his experience as an expedition medic during the project’s inaugural deployment to Nepal in November 2015. Robbie aims to support future projects from an educational aspect, particularly in the areas of first aid and health promotion, as a Project Development Officer. A paramedic involved in clinical education through universities, he is driven by being able to provide humanitarian aid and assisting people in realising their potential to become empowered through learning. Originally from North Yorkshire in the UK, Robbie has enjoyed many years of world travel. Robbie has a keen interest in hiking and has experience as a scuba diving instructor in both Australia and the UK.

                Bishnu Yonjan

                Nepal Project Manager / Guide

                Bishnu Bahadaur Yonjan founded a non- profit organization called Mother and Children Art Foundation, a charity organization working for disadvantaged women and children in education, health and employment and is the owner and managing director of a trekking company. He is  a very reputable Nepali based mountain guide with over 15 years’ experience in the tourism industry and project management. Bishnu has received recognition over the years for his extensive knowledge in Himalayan destinations for  travellers and expeditioners and is also actively involved in social activities and humanitarian projects . He has extensive experience as a businessman and trekking leader in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet. Bishnu has been instrumental in facilitating The Wild Medic teams during their deployments and continues to support teach team.

                  Jeevan Lama

                  Nepal Project Manager

                  Jeevan is a co-founder of Mother and Children Art Foundation (MCAF), a charity organization working for disadvantaged women and children in education, health and employment and is the owner and managing director of a trekking company who specialise in Himalayan destinations. He is a young professional dynamic leader, tour guide, project manager and professional Buddhist traditional (Art and Craft) artist. He has over ten years’ experience in these fields and a proven track record as a businessman, international partner and manager. Jeevan has been influential from the very beginning in assisting The Wild Medic Project establishing a site in Nepal and continues to provide ongoing to support.

                    Cam Anderson

                    Operations Support

                    Cam is an Advanced Care Paramedic and Clinical Support Officer. He comes from a firefighter background and was part of the emergency response to the Black Saturday disaster in 2009. He has a keen interest in disaster and humanitarian response, leading him to undertake a Master's degree in Disaster and Emergency Response, which he anticipates completing this year. He recently attended the 6th Humanitarian Affairs University Scholars Leadership Symposium in Hong Kong to further his leadership skills in the humanitarian field.